PHP Training in Ujjain (Classroom Course With Certificate & Placement)

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Build your career in the field of web development by learning PHP programming with Manal Softech. PHP developers are in high demand because of PHP’s implementation in a wide range of projects across varied industries.

This is a basic to advanced PHP course in Ujjain with professional certification, job assistance, expert training, and a well-structured curriculum created according to the latest industry standards.

PHP Training in Ujjain (Classroom Course With Certificate & Placement)

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Overview of PHP Course in Ujjain

PHP is among the most used web programming languages. Popular content management systems like WordPress have been built using PHP. In the IT and software development industry, there is a growing demand for PHP developers on a national and international level.

If you want to become a PHP developer, you must learn it from the basic to the advanced level. Manal Softech’s classroom-based PHP training in Ujjain covers every concept from scratch while ensuring the quality of your learning.

You will become a master at creating dynamic websites, and content management systems, and get to work on multiple live projects. It will help you gain practical experience in PHP development.

Furthermore, this PHP training in Ujjain also covers the ways to secure the code, write reusable code, code structuring, third-party code integration, store data, and much more.

Take your career’s most important step today by opting for the best PHP development course.

Curriculum of Our PHP Certification Course

Well-structured & comprehensive curriculum designed according to latest trends and industry standards!

  • Basics of websites and web development
  • Introduction to dynamic websites
  • Getting starting with PHP programming
  • Understanding scope of PHP language
  • XAMPP and WAMP installation

  • Syntax of PHP
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Embedding HTML in PHP
  • Understanding PHP Variables
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Learning how to use Operators
  • Writing Statements and Comments
  • Using Conditional Statements
  • If(), else if() and else if condition statement
  • Switch() Statements
  • Using the while() Loop
  • Using the for() Loop

  • Introduction to PHP Functions
  • Creating Arrays
  • Modifying Array Elements
  • Processing Arrays with Loops
  • Grouping Form selections with Arrays
  • Using Array Functions
  • Using Pre-Defined PHP Functions
  • Creating User-Defined Functions

  • Reading and writing files
  • Reading data from a file
  • Managing Sessions and using Session Variables
  • Creating a Session & registering Session Variables
  • Destroying a Session
  • Storing data in cookies
  • Setting cookies
  • Dealing with Date and Time
  • Executing external programs

  • What is database?
  • What is MySQL?
  • Database Queries
  • Basics of MySQL

  • Creating MySQL Database
  • Creating database tables
  • Choosing the most appropriate Data Type
  • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  • Selecting a Table Type
  • Understanding Database Normalization
  • Altering Table and Field Names
  • Altering Field Properties
  • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
  • Dropping Databases and Table Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information

  • Inserting Records
  • Editing and deleting Records
  • Performing Queries
  • Retrieving Specific Columns
  • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
  • Using Operators
  • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
  • Limiting results using built-in Functions
  • Grouping Records Joining Tables
  • Using Table and Column aliases

  • Managing database connections
  • Processing result sets
  • Queries that return data
  • Queries that alter data
  • Handling errors

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Variables, operators, loops
  • Using objects and events
  • Common JavaScript functions
  • JavaScript validations

  • Project Discussion
  • Requirements and analysis of the project
  • Project code execution
  • Project testing

Why Manal Softech is The Best PHP Training Institute in Ujjain?

Learn From Pro PHP Developers

Learn From Pro PHP Developers

You will learn complete PHP programming from experienced developers who use PHP every day for multiple projects.

Intensive Classroom Learning

Intensive Classroom Learning

As the best PHP institute in Ujjain, we offer a fully digitized and distraction-free learning experience to our students.

Work on Live Projects

Work on Live Projects

PHP needs the practice to become a pro at it. During the course, you work on multiple projects where you execute everything learned.

Job Assistance

Job Assistance

Upon completion of the PHP training course in Ujjain, you will get placement assistance to get hired faster at good companies.

Professional PHP Certification

Professional PHP Certification

This is a PHP course with a certificate. Once you have worked on the projects, you will earn your certification valid all over the country.

Well-Structured Curriculum

Well-Structured Curriculum

Our syllabus is up-to-date with the latest industry standards and as per the requirements of the companies that hire PHP developers.

Manal Softech Hr Varsha Chaurasia

“It's time for you to future-proof your career!”

“We know that we are influencing the foundations of your future, and we take this responsibility very seriously. With Manal Softech, I ensure that you always get top-class training backed by practical projects and future prospects. Wishing you a successful & future-proof career!”

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We are proud to have positively influenced the career foundations for thousands of learners across India and Asian countries.

Top Companies Hiring PHP Developers in India

Top Companies Hiring PHP Developers in India

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FAQs Related to PHP Course Ujjain

Yes. By attending the regular classes and giving time to projects, you can learn it in three months.

2 months.

Yes. You will earn a professional PHP certificate on course completion.

Yes. We prepare you for the job and conduct your interviews at good companies.

Yes. Since PHP and web development is a skill that can be learned by anyone, you can become a master at it even after the 12th class.

Yes. We offer two days of free classes.

Become a Highly-Skilled & Certified PHP Developer With Manal Softech!

Companies across multiple domains in India are looking for skilled PHP developers at lucrative packages. Get started today to build a bright future!

Enroll now in the best PHP development course in Ujjain!

  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHP Programming Basics
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Advanced Concepts
  • Introduction to Database
  • Working with MySQL Database & Tables
  • SQL and Performing Queries
  • Working with PHP & MySQL
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Live PHP Projects

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