Welcome to Manal-Softech Pvt Ltd "Central India's Leading IT Appreciation Company "

Punch Line : "Developing IT Around The Clock "

Though we are growing significantly in the years, we continue to deliver a range of highly professional and tailored services to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse customer base which is India's upcoming intellectual capital . We do this by: Offering expert advice and direct assistance to complement your business agenda; Enabling you to understand the key strategic and operational indicators, and helping to shape your business for future success; Designing and delivering business-centered solutions to a comprehensive range of IT-training issues; Providing support for the management of change, in order to encourage innovation and effective problem solving; Brokering partnerships with clients through facilitated and collaborative approaches. Our professional team of specialist consultants have a broad range of experience covering the private, public and voluntary sectors, and are committed to delivering fast and effective high quality services. With a network of offices across the Central India we are strategically located to provide support for all our customers.

Our Values In all our dealings we will show respect for others, communicating openly and honestly and encouraging feedback; We identify and respond to our clients' needs effectively and efficiently providing a personalized service We provide all our clients with a high level of commitment, personal service and confidentiality concerning their goals and aspirations We will empower our team to participate in and be accountable for continuous improvement in the quality of all aspects of our business We will value the efforts and contributions of our staff and seek to develop them effectively to the benefit of the team We work in partnership with our trainee's to ensure the requirements of IT-industry are met.

Our Aim : "Tranforming Ujjain as an IT Hub"

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