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Optimized IT Solutions
Companies can achieve Evangelist Consumers by Delivering the Connected experiences to the Targeted consumers at the Right places. Manal Softech offers a full suite of digital marketing services and solutions to help our clients drive marketing performance by continuously increasing brand awareness, audience engagement and marketing ROI.

CMO Challenges
Building Brand Awareness
Engaging Audience
Creating buzz for New Launching
Increasing Online Traffic through Search, Social media or Video
Drive More Sales with these lower cost options
Find new Markets
Localized offerings in Local languages
Growing international with Global Marketing

Manal Softech Digital Marketing Solutions
Understanding Target Customers by Market Research
Our cross-channel digital marketing services, starts with understanding your target customers. Our market research team uses proprietary and third-party tools and data to gain insights into your customers that can drive results.
Customer Acquisitions
We start with deep insights into your audience and then create customized multi channel media programs, including search engine optimization, search, display, CPA, CPC and more. And, since users experience a search results page as a singular experience, we integrate all our SEO and SEM efforts into one program to drive higher results.
Customer Engagement
It means brands must become both publishers and participants. To engage them we Develop Compelling Content, Foster Conversations to significantly increasing traffic, boosting sales, driving higher average order values and scaling word-of-mouth advocacy for our clients. The results are then Measured and improvements are done on regular basis to achieve even higher impact.
Optimize Digital Marketing Expenses
We use enterprise-class business intelligence solution such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and other best in class solutions that gives you enhanced view of the customer across multiple channels. It takes data from various sources and allows us to effectively measure manage and optimize campaign performance.
Global Marketing
We can help you gain eyes and motivations of global audiences in international and local languages while ensuring brand presence internationally. For simpler management and faster decision making, we offer centralized account management structure. Giving you as a global marketer, our dedicated teams at work to ensure global visibility and single point accountability.
Creating Attractive Contents
For any Digital Online Marketing campaign quality content is the king. Weather creating 150 character tweets, or a 200 character engagement replies on various platforms as social, or a 1000 word articles to share. Content creation starts with a plan in place. One that integrates existing, custom and third-party research to understand what content your audience wants and needs. Our content development team has the experience and expertise to help you with all of the above with uniformity across your all current marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Channels
Organic Search
Search Marketing
Display Marketing
Mobile Platform/ in Apps Marketing
Video Marketing
Diversified Marketing platforms as Google, Bing, Youtube, Social Networks, Media houses etc.


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